I’d been dismayed by the fact that I truly didn’t think that this gra’ma would have anymore grandBABIES and until eight months or so ago, my son wasn’t in a serious relationship with anyone! (My daughter and her husband had determined that two children were the final number, some time ago.) There is, of course, also the fact that Lee is now 41 years old – Christy is 42 and so even when these two began to get serious I really didn’t dare hope for a grandchild!! But, hey! I’m here to tell you that miracles do happen! They’ve sent me an ultrasound photo and the first thought I had was “this is going to be a BOY!” (Don’t ask me why though, because on the photo this baby looks pretty much like a peanut! ha ha NOT like I could make-out any body parts or anything . . . . . just a strong sense of intuition! We’ll see!) But I’m so excited that I’m nearly beside myself!

OUR little nine year old Maddy (Madison Jean) just recovered from Scarlet Fever. THAT was a real scare! On Saturday night she developed a high fever. Shannon (my daughter) and I both thought she had strep throat since JJ had just gotten over that. Monday morning when Shan took her to the doctor, Maddy began breaking-out in a rash. The doctor immediately put her on Amoxicillin and she is fine now – no complications THANK GOD! (and believe me, I DID thank God!) Maddy and JJ will both be in Lee and Christy’s wedding – flower girl and ring bearer. I don’t think there will be a dry eye at this wedding. (But tears of joy!) Lee had been married for eighteen years to a woman who had Multiple Sclerosis. She’d refused to use any medication to treat her illness and became increasingly violent. It was a very painful and difficult decision for him to divorce her inspite of the violence because she was ill. When he finally had to begin to fear for his life, though, he finally did leave her. He spent six months in counseling with his minister resolving his guilt feelings for what he felt, was abandoning her. Because she WAS ill, I hate to say this, but she was a very vicious individual. They’d (thankfully) had no children together as she’d had to have a hysterectomy when she was 19 due to cancer. Christy, however, is just the opposite. She is an absolute sweetheart. She’s been very easy to grow close to and reciprocates a caring family relationship in every way. Needless to say, we are all VERY happy about this!

Gary and I arrived in Punta Cana via Sun Country Airlines – a very nice direct flight from Minnesota, USA booked through Sarah at Salentine Travel in West Bend, Wisconsin on February 9th, 2008. Clearly, we were on the Atlantic side of the sea. Breezy? Oh yes. The continual breeze prevented the humidity from becoming a problem (we slept without air conditioning) and the wind blowing through the palm trees along with the sound of the splashing ocean waves soothed us to sleep each night. The Dominican people were very warm and friendly wherever we went – especially the Excellence staff. They were very accommodating and anxious to please. Our resort room was quite large with jacuzzi (bath run and sprinkled with flower petals each evening), very comfortable king-sized bed with canopy and shower in bathroom as well. Quite beautiful. Maid service changed our bed linens daily and turned-down our bed each evening (decorated with flowers.) Roomy safe in our room. Room service was great and food delivered to our room was excellent. If we phoned staff they were quick to come to our room (we accidentally locked ourselves out of our safe.) Our view from our third (and top) floor veranda was magnificent. We gazed out over an immaculate pool to the mesmerizing sea. But this is no ordinary pool and was easy to understand why Excellence boasts the uniqueness of their pool. It was so clean and clear that one was able to literally view details of every small tile lining the pool’s bottom; it winds throughout the resort and contains a lavish swim-up bar. The beach (which we preferred) holds numerous palappas under which one can retire when (and if) the sun becomes too much. The beach also contains elegant double-sized cushion-covered wicker beds upon which one can sunbathe; of course, there were many sturdy, comfortable lounge chairs as well. Shelved wicker carts containing clean, pool-size towels for everyone were scattered throughout and one is served drinks on the beach as well as along the pool. (There are guards at the ends of the beach to keep outsiders away from the resort.) Drinks are excellent – my personal favorite was the Banana Mama: very thick, icy and fruity. We would, without hesitation, recommend this resort to everyone unless you happen to prefer no (moderate) wind, ocean waves, and no “Adults Only” environment where a few women were topless while sunbathing and a few same sex couples vacationed, too. We viewed several other resorts when on tour in the Dominican Republic and from what we were able to see when picking-up vacationers from other resorts, none compared to the especially elegant beauty of Excellence!

More family news to come in April!

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