Is there anything as beautiful as a newborn baby? Not that I’ve ever seen! Two days ago I received an unexpected telephone call notifying me that I’m a Gra’ma again!! Because this tiny little tike is one month early, it was hardly a phone call I’d anticipated!

Needless to say, my daughter and I immediately rushed over to pick-up Granny Pacer and off on a 70 mile jaunt we scurried! Could we get there fast enough? Undeniably, NO!!!!

We arrived at the hospital and knocked on Christy’s hospital room door, entered the room, and there before us sat Christy in bed, and ThatOne on a small sofa holding a tiny, swaddled bundle. He pulled back the receiving blanket enough so that we were able to see “Abby’s” tiny, lovely Angel Face.

This precious infant had been born only nine hours before our arrival there to greet her! And greet her, we did. Granny Pacer, Shan and I all got to hold and cuddle her. This lucky little angel has a wonderful big sister who is already protective of her (when the nurse took Abby out of the room for a few minutes, her big sister was quick to ask, “Where did she take her?!”)

Precious little Abby weighed 5 lbs. 2 oz. at birth and was 18 inches long. She has gorgeous dark brown hair just like her mommy and daddy and her cousin Maddy!

No doubt about it . . . this tiny little angel is already very loved and treasured and I’m just dying to spend lots and lots of time getting to know her!

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