It was time for a new adventure . . . something exhilarating, exciting! As I wandered the showroom floor my heart suddenly leapt with joy. There, before me, sat a glistening white Subaru Legacy! I had to know more about this beauty. Much to my amazement, it boasted everything I’d been searching for. All Wheel Drive, shift on the floor so that if I were ever to need to roll this white wonder to get out of deep snow I would be able to do so without dropping the transmission! I just knew that once I got behind the wheel I’d never want to get out. Sure enough! Everything was power and this little beauty had spunk, too! I was about to learn that with it’s high-tech fan-cooled, horizontally opposed engine that could be matched by nothing less than a Porsche’, it would be virtually impossible for this incredible machine to overheat under even the most formidable of circumstances. (I learned that in two feet of deep snow, I could cover the grill on the front of the car with cardboard to keep snow out of the engine and plow through miles of that cold white stuff without any concern about that incomparable engine overheating!)

Living in Minnesota where temperatures could plummet to seventy-degrees- below-zero in the wintertime, I was to be amazed beyond belief when this sweet little number started right up without pause no matter how low the temperature dropped. Little did I know, with Subaru’s all wheel drive, despite a number of snow storms, not only was I never to slide into a ditch in deep snow, but I was destined to wave good-by to other, far larger and more bold appearing vehicles who’d been unable to hold the road in icy conditions as their drivers gazed longingly at me from the ditch! (The only feature that could top that, were the tow hooks provided underneath the car, with which I could pull those other cars right out of that ditch!) Oh yes, this little machine and I were made for each other. They say that love at first sight never works out over the long haul, but I’ve got news for you . . . three-hundred thousand miles later, my Subaru was still plowing through the deepest snow!

Repairs? Over a period of ten years with this heavy, metal best friend of mine, the only repairs I ever needed were listed right on it’s regular, routine maintenance schedule! Did I take good care of this amazing car? Oh yes. Does true love deserve anything less?!!

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