Many people have children who, over the years, bring home at least one lost cat or dog who ends up joining the family. My children were no different. Some of these little rag-a-muffins turned out to be some of our most loved and treasured family members.

My daughter also brought home lost PEOPLE! One (I won’t mention names) to this day is an individual who I love like my own and have, for years now, referred to him as my surrogate son. This individual has brought more joy, laughter and love into my life than the proverbial barrel-full-of-monkeys! With our years of support and encouragement, he graduated from college and today helps OTHER lost individuals in his role as a county probation officer! Needless to say, I beam with pride and love each time I think of him . . . a true gift to our family AND to society.

Must these special gifts come to us by way of family? Absolutely NOT! One of the greatest sources of joy during the decade of my forties, was my almost-stepson! This treasure who I love with all my heart was victim to a merciless affliction known as Bi-Polar Disorder. For five years he was an intrical part of my life and caring for him became my priority. He’d had a particularly rough childhood and a journey through his teens filled with perils unlike most of us would be able to imagine. Although his father and I ended our relationship, my heart will always be filled with love and gratitude for the gift of this courageous and beautiful young man.

I’ve recently had a VERY SPECIAL gift come into my life about which I am especially excited. (Yes, THIS one was brought into my life by family.) She is an especially beautiful little girl aged ten, who came to me with an open heart and open arms. She has a smile that would charm even the most cantancerous of ogres! I’d known her hardly any time at all when her mother informed me that she had asked when she can come and stay overnight with me! I was very nearly moved to tears by this trusting, loving little girl’s open heart and can hardly wait to have her over as my guest! (I trust that her mother, who is ALSO very special, will know when the time is right and will give the green light!) Very soon, this child-jewel will BECOME MY GRANDDAUGHTER! I can hardly wait to have this new little blessing become an intrical part of our family and of my life. I will THEN be able to be the proud grandmother of FOUR GRANDCHILDREN (well, one of them, of course, is still on the way!)..

They say that counting our blessings can make all the difference in the joy we either do or do not feel inside our hearts each day. Well, I have to tell you that today and everyday, MY heart overflows with joy at the thought of my many, many blessings!

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