Saturday, January 26, 2008 

Current mood:  grateful

.. . . . it is with deepest fondness and warmth that I recall the first moment I saw my own two babies for the very first time and my heart STILL skips a beat with excitement after all these years. ..

What I never anticipated were the intense feelings of joy and elation I would experience upon first laying eyes upon my two grandchildren. Truly one of the most awesome experiences of my life. .. During my daughter’s pregnancies, I clearly recall wondering just how I would feel once those two little munchkins would enter the world. (Brave little souls.) I can even recall asking myself the question, “Oh my gosh, what if I don’t feel LOVE for them?” ..

Then, the day came when my infant granddaughter entered the world. In retrospect, I have to chuckle to myself as I recall, “Noisy little thing she was!” .. ha ha As I walked toward my daughter’s hospital room I could hear this little baby crying. Suddenly, it was as though everything began to move in slow motion as I entered the room where mother, father and child were. Here, before me, lying helplessly on this small table with nurses wiping, adding ointment to her skin and eyes, poking and prodding her, was this beautiful, tiny, baby girl. I will never forget how those beautiful blue eyes immediately locked with mine as I began speaking in soothing voicetones to her trying to reassure her that everything was going to be alright. Needless to say, the nurse had to ask me to stop soothing her “because she NEEDS to cry to clear out her lungs!” Heartless woman, I thought silently to myself. I kept talking to her and those incredibly gorgeous eyes followed my every move. It was love at first sight. Every bit as powerful as any love I’d felt for my own two at their births.

Then, two years later, was to be the birth of my grandson. This child wasted no time joining us in the delivery room! .. And, oh my gosh! He looked like he was already three months old!! Holy cow! THIS was a TEN POUND little guy!! .. MY babies had been SMALL by comparison!!! Yes, he too, was a noisy little being. I could hardly wait to hold him. Did I know that I was going to instantly fall in love with him?? Most definitely. Never have I seen a happier baby. He was to be my little roly-poly love. To this day (six years later, I think he’s still a bit of a gra’ma’s boy!)

My life immediately took on an entire ‘nother dimension when these two precious little gifts entered my life. I experienced a whole new kind of joy I’d really never known before and it was wildly yet most contentedly delicious. These beautiful babies never cease to amaze me . . . my granddaughter, a bit like I was when I was a young girl and my grandson, identical to his father in appearance and with a temperment so very reminiscent of his mother’s when she was little.

I recall cuddling the two of them just the other day (the way that I’ve always done) as we watched Spiderman Three for the 4th time and saying to them, “Whatever am I going to do when you two are all grown up? I won’t be able to cuddle you like this anymore!” In unison, they responded lovingly, “Gra’ma, no matter how big we get, we’re ALWAYS going to want to cuddle with YOU!” One more time that these two little miraculous beings brought a tear of joy to my eye. Would I love them? Oh yes. With all my heart and all my soul. I thank God for them both every single day.

Just when I thought I’d been as blest as any woman could possibly be . . . surprise of surprises . . . I’m nearly bubbling over with joy and excitement . . . I was just informed that I have a THIRD grandchild on his or her brave little way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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