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Whether it’s street drugs, alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, pornography or gambling, the effect is the same . . . escape from reality . . . they all numb emotional pain . . . . . . temporarily. If we are genetically predisposed to addiction (i.e. we have had others, before us, in our family who suffered from addiction) it is at our first attempt with any drug, we experienced the unmistakable certainty that we have discovered our very best friend in the entire world. Over time, that best friend, however, turns on us only to become our worst enemy. That first high, or buzz that once promised us paradise on earth has turned out to be nothing more than an illusion. Once our disease has progressed beyond the middle stage, there is no more high. There is only the self-recrimination and shame, followed by more self-abuse from the resulting compulsion to re-abuse ourselves by re-indulging, again in our addiction. Make no mistake about it. Addiction kills. Don’t let it destroy you! It was once believed that people suffering from addiction must “hit bottom” before they can be helped. We now know that this is not true. To the contrary, thanks to interventions by family, by professionals and by law enforcement, many people suffering from addiction find the help they so desperately need! In fact, once someone has “hit bottom” that individual may be unable to seek help. It may be too late. Thus, the individuals who tragically die from their disease. (Many music and movie stars have been examples of only a few of these tragic stories such as Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith.)You have a choice! Make the right one. Freedom from addiction brings about a renewed sense of life, of living. Suddenly we are once again able to hear the sweet music of the bird that sings outside our window, of the trees that move in the breeze with their leaves ever so gently carrying their soft, rustling music to our ears. Don’t give-in and give-up to addiction’s lies. It will all too gladly take your life from you and from those who love you. You’re worth fighting for! Reach out! There are so many caring hands just waiting to reach back to grasp yours. Hands of those whose addiction went before yours. Those who know, who’ve lived what you’ve lived and who’ve followed the path to freedom. Don’t allow yourself to become one of the countless tragic stories we hear everyday. Make yours, a success story . . . COME TO YOURSOBERSOLUTIONS.COM (Our upgraded site!)

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