It has never been more important that we ask ourselves where it is truly wise and safe for us to seek and find direction, clarity and the peace we seek in our lives. Clearly, there are many charletains in the world who would have us believe that they have found and can offer us, the truth, the light and the way. One dimension of these offers that I never cease to find amazing, is the price we must pay for “the truth, the light and the way”.

Certainly, organized religion asks that we “donate” our hard earned dollars to their cause. Countless numbers of people take issue with that. Understandably so. Fortunately, in most cases, doing so will take it’s toll upon our pocketbook. This cost is a nominal one in comparison to the cost of the so-called “more unique” paths available to the public leading to the truth, the light and the way.

You may recall the Jim Jones Cult and the hundreds of lives that were taken in the name of the truth, the light and the way. You may find it baffling that so many people would follow a self-proclaimed man of God (madman) to their death. (Make no mistake about it, there will be many more to come!) The cost? Immeasurable, in the form of money. By whom is the cost paid? The cost is ultimately paid by:

· Every victim of the resulting death toll,

· Every loved one of those on the list of the dead,

· Outside individuals who attempt to rescue victims before it is too late to do so . . .

and the list goes on and on.

Because of the freedom of everyone to pursue whatever goals they choose, it will always be possible to be taken advantage of by the charletains of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change our freedom to pursue our dreams for anything in the world. If I had the power to change anything, it would be to persuade those individuals who feel their lives lack meaning and direction to the extent that they actually allow themselves to become willing to fall victim to any charletain (psychopath) who comes along and who claims to have all the answers. Take heed! No one on this earth has all the answers! To have all the answers, one would have to be superhuman and the only ones I know of who have mastered the power to do so have been Superman and Spiderman! (i.e. In the real world, this kind of power simply does not exist!)

So, whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to become one of the hundreds of thousands of sheep in the world who blindly follow their herder over the edge of the cliff! If you do, you will discover (as did the hundreds of victims of Jim Jones and the victims of James Ray) that the only rewards to be found are the fatal deceit push toward the jagged rocks laying in wait, at the bottom!

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