Destination: Drone Bombing

Destination: Drone Bombing

How well I recall the sense of safety living in America provided during the years when I was growing-up. Even as a young adult, the United States of America was the only country I could have imagined wanting to live in. Clearly, times have changed. Everything began taking a turn for the worse since the numerous tragedies of the 9/11 disaster. It seems that now we live in a country where violence (the use of deadly force) has become the norm. Today my childhood seems not only years away, but worlds away.

While our government appears to be doing everything humanly possible to stop the violence, in it’s next breath, it justifies the use of drone bombings right here, on it’s own soil. Please don’t misunderstand me, I have nothing whatsoever against the immediate destruction of any terrorist who intends to bring harm to our country. But before the due course of law has been pursued and the party has been found “guilty”?

In my mind, this opens the door to countless more tragedies. For example, if one person has-it-in for another, and goes to great lengths to set that individual-up to appear guilty of being a terrorist, what hope is there of getting at the truth? The individual appears guilty, then is bombed by a drone? Is this not the equivalent of legalized vigilantism by the government?
While our government claims to want stop the violence here by banning guns, it can bomb people at will? There is no other phrase that I can find to describe this kind of hypocrisy than, “Me thinks thou speak with forked tongue”!

I can recall cases where identified terrorists seemed like perfectly good neighbors to those residing near them; where those residing near them later described them as people who’d been quiet, kept to themselves and caused no problems for anyone. Obviously, these terrorists neighbors had no idea these terrorists were traitors to our country. So, let’s take a ‘best case’ scenario and imagine our government deciding to, without any due process, have a drone drop a bomb on these terrorists’ house. What about their neighbors?

If I am to believe that these drones can drop a bomb on one house causing damage to only that one house, then I definitely should pursue purchasing at least a share or two in the Brooklyn Bridge!

In terms of innocent lives being lost, (with the only exception being numbers) how would this be any different from the horrors of 9/11? If there is logic in this kind of thinking, I certainly wish someone would explain it to me.

• How can taking innocent lives be justified?
• How can violent acts that result in the loss of innocent
lives be wrong on one hand, yet rationalized
as “justifiable” on the next?
• Is it not true that firearms cause destruction on a very
small scale compared to the destruction caused by a bomb?
• Are we no longer a democracy?

A democracy is supposed to be “a government by the people, for the people”. How many people do you know who want to experience a bomb being dropped on the house next door to them? (Or on the same block, for that matter)?

So far, I haven’t talked to anyone who wants to experience a bomb in their neighborhood. I really have to wonder for the umpteenth time, “What is our world coming to?” From everything I’ve been able to tell, it would seem that it is coming to is an “end”. At this point, I have to wonder whether that would truly be such a bad thing, after all appeasing Obama.

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