My husband just shared with me that today four firemen were ambushed and shot as they answered a fire alarm call in Webster, New York (in the USA Today article). The man who fired shots at them from the arsenal he’d created, wounded two innocent firemen and killed two more of them before turning the firearm he’d wielded against them, on himself.

The shooter had been a convicted killer (he’d murdered his grandmother with a hammer). Mr. Spengler now is also responsible (post-humously) for four the fire destruction of at least four homes (while the owners stood-by watching helplessly).

I tried to imagine having been one of the neighbors of Mr. William Spengler (the shooter) and having had to witness these killings, then nearly lose my house to the fire he’d set. Granted, as far as my husband and I know, there were no lives lost among the neighbors, but I find myself hard-pressed to imagine the trauma they have suffered.

Obviously, Mr. Spengler could not have legally owned any firearms of any kind. Obviously, he possessed firearms inspite of the laws that “prevent criminals from owning firearms”. Where in the world is the logic in concluding that gun control would have prevented these senseless killings today?

This question brings me to the recent school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and to the statement made by the head of the NRA. Had there been “a good guy with a gun” monitoring entry to Sandy Hook that day, it is highly likely that twenty-six innocent people whose lives were lost, would walk among us today.

I find myself wondering over and over again, what it is going to take for the public who oppose armed protection of the schools that house our babies, to wake-up and realize that everyone needs to do EVERYTHING humanly possible to protect those little lives! Now, perhaps there will be another hot debate over whether or not Fire Departments answering calls around the country are needing armed protection as well. Are we going to DENY them that protection and watch our OWN homes burn to the ground if a fire starts?

As for the schools, will it take some of the people who oppose protection at all costs losing their OWN children to criminals and/or mentally deranged shooters for them to recognize the necessity of armed protection? I certainly hope not because more than enough lives have been lost already!

It is absolutely essential that people who oppose this protection realize that we are not living in the same world we lived in twenty and thirty years ago. Our world has become a world that often contains dangerous, and violent individuals who, if not stopped-dead-in-their-tracks, will continue to maim and murder innocent, unsuspecting people.

Whether or not we want to believe it, there really is only one way to stop a bad guy with a gun and that IS to have ready, a good guy with a gun! Yes! It’s time to pull our heads out of the sand and recognize that that IS what our world has come to!

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