Little Hummingbird Friend

Little Hummingbird Friend

Eagle in our backyard

Eagle in our backyard

Hungry Baby Birds Baby Birds Hatching

How well I remember being young and foolish, although, when I was really young and growing up at my grandparents’ house in Kasota, MN, I had to grow-up quickly because my mother had to work fulltime. My little sister and I would spend most of our days, all day long, enjoying the woods and abandoned quarries located practically in our backyard. We would spend endless hours breathing-in the great outdoor air, creating “pretend” forts in the Sumac and playing hide-and-seek in one particular abandoned quarry there; as well as catching polywogs with a tea strainer from home.

Then, of course, I reached my teen years, and just sort of lost my mind (like so many teen-agers do). When did I begin to think about this paradox of life? Well, it happened like this:Yesterday, while typing away on my trusty computer, I noticed something moving in my peripheral vision. Automatically, I turned my head to look out the patio doors beside me to see a lovely little green hummingbird who was stationery in the air, but for his rapidly beating, tiny wings (not six inches from the glass)! It seemed to me that he was clearly attempting to capture my attention. Suddenly it dawned on me that I hadn’t, yet, hung-out our Hummingbird Feeders. This little bird was reminding me of my neglectful faux paux. Before long, Ralph and I were on our way to the store so that we could correct our serious omission.

My love for our fine-feathered (and other flying) friends sort of sneaked up on me. The years were progressing along. I’d grown much less taken-up with myself, when miraculously I began after all this time, to appreciate and enjoy my natural surroundings once again.

It never seemed to fail that, wherever I resided, some little bird would selectively build her nest on my balcony, (usually inside one of my flower baskets) and permit me to share in the awesome joy of her new infant hatchlings.

In retrospect, I suppose that this was destined to occur; my return to my childhood love of nature. A miraculous step back-in-time to one of my first and greatest loves (which was also destined to be one of the many interests that would eventually draw my husband, Ralph and I together).

As luck would have it, I woke-up this morning and, while sipping my cup of very strong java, I turned-on Channel 2, tpt-tv. There, right before my eyes on the screen, were several bald eagles soaring through the sky. I was instantly mesmerized. One of the truly great things about the nature program I found myself viewing was that it was filmed right next door to us here in Minnesota! I’ve always known that Wisconsin contains some wonderful, protected nature areas, but didn’t know the exact locations.

I began taking notes on the numerous locations, beloved by bird watchers far and near. (Ralph and I have a motor home that we haven’t used at all this past year.) Viewing this nature show quickly awakened the gypsy in my soul. I called Ralph into the family room from his den, to share the program with me.

After taking several notes on these marvelous locations I decided that I simply must share this information so that my fellow bird-watching nature lovers (who weren’t viewing this show) can learn about them, too. As for Ralph and I, we are soon to be nature-bound in Wisconsin.

1.) Woodland Dunes in Sauk County WI: On Rose Lake, there is a marvelous man who has created, over the years, a wonderful nature area for birds of prey. He has been “banding” young owls for thirty years there and now shares his fine-feathered friends with the public by showing the owls and permitting children and adults alike, to hold and pet them.

2.) Tiffany Bottoms, WI: Open only during the months of May and September; located on the Cherokee River. A few older gentlemen have renovated an abandoned, eight mile stretch of railroad in the wilderness, built and implemented a small train made-up of the old flatbed cars upon which railroad workers used to travel, two men at a time, to repair the railroad tracks and ties.

3.) Cathedral Pines: Located in Oronozco County, WI, where enormously tall trees house countless Herons who raise their babies in the tops of those tall trees. In a very real sense, it’s a sort of outdoor, Heron nursery. So they ask that visitors talk softly while walking the forest pathway.

4.) Little Turtle Flowage: Located in South Iron County, WI where the lovely, scenic winters grow so cold that only the bird who are able to drop their body temperatures 15+ Degrees are able to survive (along with the hibernating bears)!

5.) Julien Bay in the Apostle Islands of Bayfield, WI: Julien Bay is the island of The Singing Sands. I kid you NOT! The sands on this island truly do sing! Visitors are invited to run their palms over the beach sand or to just listen for the sand to sing in the breeze, all on it’s own! Breathtakingly beautiful scenery and migratory birds to view and to photograph!

6.) Lake Mills Wildlife; “Zeloski Marsh”: Numerous bird lovers go there annually during the month of April so that they can count the Sand Hill Cranes.

7.) Devil’s Lake State Park: Located in Sauk County, WI. A totally awesome nature area where beautiful migratory birds can be enjoyed and photographed year after year by young and old, alike.

I don’t know about you, but Ralph and I don’t travel anywhere without our camera. (While dating we went together on a really great Nikon D3100.) Should you decide to visit any of these wonderful places, I cannot strongly enough encourage you to be sure to take your camera along with you so that you will be able to enjoy the sights over the years that follow. Allow me to also suggest that you “Google” or “Bing” each of the above areas to learn more about the marvelous experiences available to you there.

As for me, I can hardly wait to leave!

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I just finished reading a Newsmax article titled, “Did Obama Lie?” This article states that Obama wants to reduce the United States Nuclear Arms to 1,000; and that “Specialists on nuclear deterrence say further cuts beyond the 1,550 deployed warheads mandated by the 2010 New START arms treaty could undermine the United States’ ability to deter nuclear powers like Russia and China, who have significant modernization programs for their nuclear arsenals underway.”

This article also stated that, “Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney said the administration is seeking to unilaterally disarm U.S. nuclear forces, something that is “the most dangerous thing I have ever seen an American president attempt to do.”

Please don’t misunderstand me . . . I wish that no country had ever established nuclear warheads anywhere in the world. But, the fact is, they have. By many countries including Pakistan, North Korea and China (who’ve made their intense contempt for the United States no secret)!

I fail to understand why in the world our president would want to weaken our country’s nuclear strength, when doing so very clearly sets our country up to be annihilated by one (or more) of our foreign enemies.

Does this translate to a president having the United States’ best interest at heart? Am I the only person who reads what is being decided by our president as destructive to our beloved USA?

With all of the recent publicity about the harmful (sometimes deadly) effects of bullying, I shudder to think that the majority of US citizens would turn-a-deaf-ear to being bullied, by Obama themselves! What on earth has happened to the backbone of this country?


barackobama2mI doubt that there was a dry tear in the country when the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred. Sandy Hook was such a deeply disturbing atrocity that it defied words. I know that there were no dry eyes here at our house.

When I’d heard on the news that the president of the United States had traveled there to be with the grieving parents, I remember thinking, “That’s a really nice thing for him to do.” When I’d heard that he was remaining behind closed doors with the grieving families, I thought to myself, “H-m-m-m . . . that’s odd.” Giving what appeared to be the president’s kindness the benefit of the doubt, I didn’t think anything more about it . . . until . . .

Abruptly as could be, the entire focus of the president’s attention was switched to “gun control”. Something just didn’t seem right about that. The firearms were to blame for these children’s tragic deaths? It was as though those guns had just marched right into that school, under their own steam, and ‘fired themselves away!” Just like the cars that crash on our highways resulting in human casualties just drove themselves right out of their garages, down the street, then aimed themselves viciously at their human targets and mercilessly ran them down. H-m-m-m . . . I wonder what could possibly be wrong with that picture!

Even then, it wasn’t until the president scheduled his second visit with the grieving parents of Sandy Hook, that I grew suspicious. My first thought at hearing this news, was, “Either President Obama has developed an obsession with these tragic deaths, or, what? Could he have a hidden agenda?” The thought was so repugnant to me that I had to shut it out altogether for awhile. Needless to say, the thought crept right back into my mind. Dark and ominous as it was. Once my inspired-to-write-mind takes ahold of an idea, it’s like a dog with a bone in it’s grip. You can call me “paranoid”, but quite frankly, “I smell a rat.”

So I thought to myself, “Okay, we all know that the president wants total gun control in our country. In fact, it seems to me that if he were to have his way, there’d be no firearms in our country at all; never mind the Second Amendment. Dear God, would he exploit these tragic deaths and grieving families in order to further his own cause?

If I’m not completely off-base, the hideous truth of the matter is that the president might just as well step up, stand on those tragically murdered children’s coffins, and shake his finger at we Americans to sell his gun control agenda! Could Obama have a hidden agenda, I asked myself . . . and suddenly it all made sense to me; and I bent over and wept.

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