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I just finished reading a Newsmax article titled, “Did Obama Lie?” This article states that Obama wants to reduce the United States Nuclear Arms to 1,000; and that “Specialists on nuclear deterrence say further cuts beyond the 1,550 deployed warheads mandated by the 2010 New START arms treaty could undermine the United States’ ability to deter nuclear powers like Russia and China, who have significant modernization programs for their nuclear arsenals underway.”

This article also stated that, “Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney said the administration is seeking to unilaterally disarm U.S. nuclear forces, something that is “the most dangerous thing I have ever seen an American president attempt to do.”

Please don’t misunderstand me . . . I wish that no country had ever established nuclear warheads anywhere in the world. But, the fact is, they have. By many countries including Pakistan, North Korea and China (who’ve made their intense contempt for the United States no secret)!

I fail to understand why in the world our president would want to weaken our country’s nuclear strength, when doing so very clearly sets our country up to be annihilated by one (or more) of our foreign enemies.

Does this translate to a president having the United States’ best interest at heart? Am I the only person who reads what is being decided by our president as destructive to our beloved USA?

With all of the recent publicity about the harmful (sometimes deadly) effects of bullying, I shudder to think that the majority of US citizens would turn-a-deaf-ear to being bullied, by Obama themselves! What on earth has happened to the backbone of this country?



barackobama2mI doubt that there was a dry tear in the country when the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred. Sandy Hook was such a deeply disturbing atrocity that it defied words. I know that there were no dry eyes here at our house.

When I’d heard on the news that the president of the United States had traveled there to be with the grieving parents, I remember thinking, “That’s a really nice thing for him to do.” When I’d heard that he was remaining behind closed doors with the grieving families, I thought to myself, “H-m-m-m . . . that’s odd.” Giving what appeared to be the president’s kindness the benefit of the doubt, I didn’t think anything more about it . . . until . . .

Abruptly as could be, the entire focus of the president’s attention was switched to “gun control”. Something just didn’t seem right about that. The firearms were to blame for these children’s tragic deaths? It was as though those guns had just marched right into that school, under their own steam, and ‘fired themselves away!” Just like the cars that crash on our highways resulting in human casualties just drove themselves right out of their garages, down the street, then aimed themselves viciously at their human targets and mercilessly ran them down. H-m-m-m . . . I wonder what could possibly be wrong with that picture!

Even then, it wasn’t until the president scheduled his second visit with the grieving parents of Sandy Hook, that I grew suspicious. My first thought at hearing this news, was, “Either President Obama has developed an obsession with these tragic deaths, or, what? Could he have a hidden agenda?” The thought was so repugnant to me that I had to shut it out altogether for awhile. Needless to say, the thought crept right back into my mind. Dark and ominous as it was. Once my inspired-to-write-mind takes ahold of an idea, it’s like a dog with a bone in it’s grip. You can call me “paranoid”, but quite frankly, “I smell a rat.”

So I thought to myself, “Okay, we all know that the president wants total gun control in our country. In fact, it seems to me that if he were to have his way, there’d be no firearms in our country at all; never mind the Second Amendment. Dear God, would he exploit these tragic deaths and grieving families in order to further his own cause?

If I’m not completely off-base, the hideous truth of the matter is that the president might just as well step up, stand on those tragically murdered children’s coffins, and shake his finger at we Americans to sell his gun control agenda! Could Obama have a hidden agenda, I asked myself . . . and suddenly it all made sense to me; and I bent over and wept.

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Destination: Drone Bombing

Destination: Drone Bombing

How well I recall the sense of safety living in America provided during the years when I was growing-up. Even as a young adult, the United States of America was the only country I could have imagined wanting to live in. Clearly, times have changed. Everything began taking a turn for the worse since the numerous tragedies of the 9/11 disaster. It seems that now we live in a country where violence (the use of deadly force) has become the norm. Today my childhood seems not only years away, but worlds away.

While our government appears to be doing everything humanly possible to stop the violence, in it’s next breath, it justifies the use of drone bombings right here, on it’s own soil. Please don’t misunderstand me, I have nothing whatsoever against the immediate destruction of any terrorist who intends to bring harm to our country. But before the due course of law has been pursued and the party has been found “guilty”?

In my mind, this opens the door to countless more tragedies. For example, if one person has-it-in for another, and goes to great lengths to set that individual-up to appear guilty of being a terrorist, what hope is there of getting at the truth? The individual appears guilty, then is bombed by a drone? Is this not the equivalent of legalized vigilantism by the government?
While our government claims to want stop the violence here by banning guns, it can bomb people at will? There is no other phrase that I can find to describe this kind of hypocrisy than, “Me thinks thou speak with forked tongue”!

I can recall cases where identified terrorists seemed like perfectly good neighbors to those residing near them; where those residing near them later described them as people who’d been quiet, kept to themselves and caused no problems for anyone. Obviously, these terrorists neighbors had no idea these terrorists were traitors to our country. So, let’s take a ‘best case’ scenario and imagine our government deciding to, without any due process, have a drone drop a bomb on these terrorists’ house. What about their neighbors?

If I am to believe that these drones can drop a bomb on one house causing damage to only that one house, then I definitely should pursue purchasing at least a share or two in the Brooklyn Bridge!

In terms of innocent lives being lost, (with the only exception being numbers) how would this be any different from the horrors of 9/11? If there is logic in this kind of thinking, I certainly wish someone would explain it to me.

• How can taking innocent lives be justified?
• How can violent acts that result in the loss of innocent
lives be wrong on one hand, yet rationalized
as “justifiable” on the next?
• Is it not true that firearms cause destruction on a very
small scale compared to the destruction caused by a bomb?
• Are we no longer a democracy?

A democracy is supposed to be “a government by the people, for the people”. How many people do you know who want to experience a bomb being dropped on the house next door to them? (Or on the same block, for that matter)?

So far, I haven’t talked to anyone who wants to experience a bomb in their neighborhood. I really have to wonder for the umpteenth time, “What is our world coming to?” From everything I’ve been able to tell, it would seem that it is coming to is an “end”. At this point, I have to wonder whether that would truly be such a bad thing, after all appeasing Obama.

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The Murder of Children: A Dark Cloud Over Sandy Hook

The criminal will always own firearms because they usually do NOT obtain them by legal means. We must be very vigilant about maintaining our objectivity and our common sense or risk becoming similar to, and/or falling victim to, the criminal!

 An Unthinkable Act of Evil
 Unsuspecting Victims
 Weapons in the Hands of the Wrong People, Commit Crimes!
 We Must Maintain Objectivity, Unlike The Criminal!

An Unthinkable Act of Evil
Could anything be any more tragic than the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre that transpired on December 14, 2012? I think not. The thought that any human being would even wish any evil upon young children is unthinkable. Yet, this week, a twenty-year old human being carried at least three loaded weapons into this elementary school (that legally belonged to his mother) and destroyed twenty-seven lives, and then, his own life. It is not difficult to conclude that any individual who would commit such a heinous and evil deed, had to be at the very least, deranged.

This individual clearly had to have premeditated a crime that would have required a great deal of forethought and planning. Even as he purchased and loaded the ammunition into the guns he later fired into innocent victims, what was he thinking? “Soon I will empty these magazines into a roomful of tiny bodies”, certainly may have been his thought. Clearly, his intention was to kill and he executed his intended slaughter meticulously. Yes, it’s true, there had to have been a very dark cloud hanging over Sandy Hook on 12/14/12.

Unsuspecting Victims
If raindrops fell from the dark cloud over Sandy Hook that day, the falling moisture was not rain, but teardrops that fell from heaven. Little bodies of little children who’d gone to school that day to explore their newfound world of learning. Children too young to have been able to understand the meaning of danger, let alone, evil; and yet, without any shadow of a doubt, it was pure evil that met them in their kindergarten classroom that day.

Weapons in the Hands of the Wrong People, Commit Crimes!
Under such horrific circumstances, it can be difficult, at best, to understand how this could have happened. Weapons come in all types, shapes and sizes. Yes, the twenty-year old Lanza might have used any number of different weapons to accomplish his goal of this mass slaughter.

This perpetrator might have chosen explosives, such as the terrorists with whom 911 made us painfully familiar; or cyanide in the children’s morning beverage, the way that Jim Jones murdered 800 people in Guyana a couple of decades ago. But! He didn’t choose any of these methods of murder. He chose to use firearms.

Were the firearms the cause of this heinous massacre . . . or was it the deranged individual wielding those firearms the cause? (This may seem like a calloused question to ask, but an accurate analogy would be, was it the fault of the kool-aid (to which a deranged individual had mercilessly added cyanide) at fault for the tragic deaths in Guyana? Was it the fuel that powered the jet engines that successfully carried the jets so that they could be aimed at, and then crashed into the World Trade Center buildings?

We Must Maintain Objectivity, Unlike The Criminal!
It’s going to be vitally imperative that we ask ourselves these questions before voting to ban the very firearms that may be needed by responsible gun owners for self defense and protection from home invasion and or bodily harm intended by a would-be attacker.

In the midst of this (and similar) horrendous crimes, we must not lose sight of the fact that the criminals who will continue to inflict these crimes upon the unsuspecting, vulnerable public, will always harbor firearms! That is because criminals usually do notobtain their firearms by legal means!

We need to think these issues and our resulting decisions over very, very carefully and avoid making any kind of an emotionally-based decision about our gun laws. We need to remember that the day may come when, we may need that firearm to protect ourown family/children!

Addressing the requirements for respnsible firearm ownership so that only responsible individuals are allowed to purchase firearms, (yes, even to include stringent psychological testing requirements) is to address the PROBLEM ITSELF! We absolutely must keep two realities in mind:

1. Firearms don’t kill people, irresponsible PEOPLE pull the trigger on the weapon that kills people; and
2. Throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater has never solved any problem, and it won’t solve the problem of children murdering children.

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Historical Event of the 9/11 Holocaust that Be-fell America

I am a free lance writer, a mental health professional, and (among other things) an old history buff from way back.  It has been while researching my own genealogical roots that certain gnawing questions have occurred to me.  It is also because of that fact that I have arrived at the decision to compose this article. 

I have been fortunate enough to have descended from ancestors on both my paternal and maternal sides who’ve authored and published books about their heritage and their lives back in the 1800’s and before.  I also consider myself very fortunate in having been bestowed with an abundance of the persistence and perseverance required to diligently pursue my long term goal of locating this invaluable information about not only those from whence I came, but about who I am, today.  (However, that’s an entire ‘nother topic about which another published article will follow this one in the very near future, I can assure you!) 

By the same token, in order to be completely forthright with you, I must divulge the fact that it was while pursuing my genealogical endeavors that more than one important, gnawing question I mentioned earlier, seemed to linger within my thoughts.  It was in the midst of my research, that I realized that there’d been certain important, world changing historical events which had occurred during the lives of my ancestors. Historical events about which they neglected to write their families’ experiences in their documented family histories and memoirs.  For example, where were my ancestors during those pronounced historical events and what were their personal experiences with, during and resulting from those events? 

 Possessing the incurably, inquisitive mind that I do, as I longed to have known far more than I was able to find documented, I found myself pondering the possibility that my own future family generations may experience some of the same curiosities and longings to which I seem to have fallen victim; longings to know more and more about myself and my family, i.e. their ancestors!  It is, thus, primarily because of my desire for the benefit of the coming generations of my own family that I’ve undertaken this particular authoring endeavor. Hopefully, just as certain ancient publications have miraculously fallen into my hands, perhaps this publication will one day, too, fall into theirs.

Now, if you will, permit me to proceed into my own family’s 2009 recollection of that horrific day, September 11, 2001 (otherwise known as “9/11.”)

It was approximately 9:20 A.M. (Central Standard Time) on a weekday.  I’d opted to use a vacation day from work at my office and was at home here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was straightening my living room when the phone rang.  I raised the receiver of the telephone to my ear to hear a tone in my young adult, daughter’s voice I’d never previously experienced.  Her voice tone was one of unmistakable urgency, (bordering on sheer panic) as she instructed me to quickly turn-on my television set.  As I reached for the “on – off” button on my TV, I thought I heard my daughter say something about something horrible having just taken place that was being broadcast “live.”

Much to my shock, horror and disbelief, there was a news announcer speaking as I watched a huge jet passenger aircraft smash, nose, first, into one of the Twin Towers in Manhattan, New York.  Surely this could not really be happening, I’d thought to myself.  I don’t know that there has been any time in my life during which I’ve experienced such massive confusion.  My thoughts seemed to argue with themselves, “But no!  This is AMERICA!  Attacks don’t happen here in AMERICA!”  Then, again, “But look at the television screen!  Could this be some kind of sick trick the media would play?  No, I don’t think so.”  Judging from the undertone of despair in the news announcer’s voice, this was no trick!  I recall stating to my daughter, “Oh my God, Honey!  This is going to mean war!

 My daughter and I spoke for only a few minutes on the telephone.  I told her that I was going to pack a few items and drive over to her house.  We said “Good-bye” and I hung-up the phone. 

 As I rushed around to grab various items to pack inside my bag, my mind swam in a flurry of thoughts.  Thoughts like, “What will we do?   How could this happen?  What does this mean?  Who would do something so terrible?  Why?  What’s going to happen next?  Are we going to be safe where we live?”  It seemed as though the thoughts wouldn’t stop.  Struggle though I did, I could find no answers to my own questions.  Would there be anyone who could answer them?

I grabbed everything I thought I might need while asking myself, “But if I don’t take everything, will I ever see any of it again?”

 The next few days were dark days for all of us here in the United States of America.  My daughter and son-in-law and I struggled to make sure that my two (then toddler) grandchildren learned nothing of what was happening.  So many questions . . . so many fears . . . what to do . . . what to do?

That same morning, not long after the first, the second twin tower was also bombarded by a huge jet passenger airliner.  Could things possibly grow any worse?  Yes, oh yes.  Within minutes, both towers crumbled, stack-by-stack, to the ground.  “Oh dear God!  No!

 There was nothing anyone could do.  No answers to be found.  Three of the longest days of my life were to follow.  Those were the three days during which we heard no word of any kind from the President of the United States of America.  I’d always looked to him for answers in any kind of country-related crisis.  Where was he?  Why won’t he tell us what is happening here?

 On the third day after those atrocities, President Bush came on television and gave a speech.  Today, I do not recall his speech, only his parting words, which were, “God bless America.”  Those words passing between his lips were like a salve to my soul.  At last, I felt able to climb from a pit of despair to once again being able to experience at least a small ray of hope.  However, there was absolutely no denying the fact that our world, as we’d known it, had been completely shattered . . . never to be the same again.  Not next year, not in five years, not ever.

 There were countless stories of heart-breaking, family tragedies that followed over the next several months.  Those were dark days, indeed.  Thankfully, there has been no reoccurrence of 9/11 or of anything like it here in the United States.  Not yet.  Hopefully, not ever again.

 As I prepare to bring this article to a close, I cannot help wondering whether or not my ancestors intentionally neglected to include stories of the historical events that changed their world.  I only know that while writing this article, I’ve found myself neglecting to include details of other’s horrific experiencesand stories of that day when that unspeakable holocaust hit the Twin Towers in Manhattan, New York. 

I find myself wondering whether or not the generations of my family to come, will really want to know after all.


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The Monkey Won


˜by JC Eberhart, Jun 30, 2008

My emotions around losing my father to the disease of addiction when I was eight years old.   He died injecting Sterno into his veins.

A candle that flickered

then nearly dimmed

I’ve carried through the years

my heart, within.

In sorrow I stood

at my own heart’s door

watching you leave

cut to the core.

I’ve anguished long hours

into the night

struggling to recall

your face in my sight.

Oh, daddy of daddys,

where did you go?

How I’ve longed for your touch

I still love you so.

It never mattered

what you did to me

I’d have died for you daddy

couldn’t you see?

Without you my life

ceased to be

For you were the very

life force in me.

Some say it’s night terrors

I still struggle through . . .

in my dimly lit bed

I’m afraid of you.

It makes no sense

for you’re no longer here

Yet I’d give my right arm

to have you near.

You don’t understand

. . . . . . and neither do I


when you went away

how I’d cry and cry.

I have few memories

to connect to the pain

But, sometimes mid nightmares

I cry again.

The agony of losing you

was worse you see

than anything you ever

did to me.

They say you were mean

beyond belief

you cut-out my heart

Oh, beloved thief.

I know so well

that when you attacked

it wasn’t YOU daddy

but that monkey on your back.

That monkey who stole

you away from me

so that the rest of my life

without you, I’d be.

After all these years daddy,

my aching for you goes on

for it still breaks my heart

that the monkey won.

I’d have slain the monkey for you

but you couldn’t see

when Patty was one

and I was just three.

There was no dark monster

I wouldn’t have fought

if back into your arms

we could’ve been brought.

But the dragons I know

you tried to slay

eventually won

and then took you away.



You’d entered a no man’s land

your drug induced hell

it stole the life from you

with it’s wicked spell.

You were not to be ours . . .

anymore . . .

To this little girl’s heart

I closed the door.

No more did I dare to love

for love equaled pain

I couldn’t let that ever

happen again.

In dreams of you daddy

I still call out your name

I still waken to find

a world of fatherless pain.





(Copyright 2014 by JC Fredlund) Copyright 2008 – JeanieandDaddy1-512014 by JC Fredlund (JC Eberhart, Past Pen Name): ©JC Fredlund and JC Fredlund’s Artistry Blog, 1974 – 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to JC Fredlund and the link to http://www.JCFredlund.wordpress.com blog is included with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.