The Murder of Children: A Dark Cloud Over Sandy Hook

The criminal will always own firearms because they usually do NOT obtain them by legal means. We must be very vigilant about maintaining our objectivity and our common sense or risk becoming similar to, and/or falling victim to, the criminal!

 An Unthinkable Act of Evil
 Unsuspecting Victims
 Weapons in the Hands of the Wrong People, Commit Crimes!
 We Must Maintain Objectivity, Unlike The Criminal!

An Unthinkable Act of Evil
Could anything be any more tragic than the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre that transpired on December 14, 2012? I think not. The thought that any human being would even wish any evil upon young children is unthinkable. Yet, this week, a twenty-year old human being carried at least three loaded weapons into this elementary school (that legally belonged to his mother) and destroyed twenty-seven lives, and then, his own life. It is not difficult to conclude that any individual who would commit such a heinous and evil deed, had to be at the very least, deranged.

This individual clearly had to have premeditated a crime that would have required a great deal of forethought and planning. Even as he purchased and loaded the ammunition into the guns he later fired into innocent victims, what was he thinking? “Soon I will empty these magazines into a roomful of tiny bodies”, certainly may have been his thought. Clearly, his intention was to kill and he executed his intended slaughter meticulously. Yes, it’s true, there had to have been a very dark cloud hanging over Sandy Hook on 12/14/12.

Unsuspecting Victims
If raindrops fell from the dark cloud over Sandy Hook that day, the falling moisture was not rain, but teardrops that fell from heaven. Little bodies of little children who’d gone to school that day to explore their newfound world of learning. Children too young to have been able to understand the meaning of danger, let alone, evil; and yet, without any shadow of a doubt, it was pure evil that met them in their kindergarten classroom that day.

Weapons in the Hands of the Wrong People, Commit Crimes!
Under such horrific circumstances, it can be difficult, at best, to understand how this could have happened. Weapons come in all types, shapes and sizes. Yes, the twenty-year old Lanza might have used any number of different weapons to accomplish his goal of this mass slaughter.

This perpetrator might have chosen explosives, such as the terrorists with whom 911 made us painfully familiar; or cyanide in the children’s morning beverage, the way that Jim Jones murdered 800 people in Guyana a couple of decades ago. But! He didn’t choose any of these methods of murder. He chose to use firearms.

Were the firearms the cause of this heinous massacre . . . or was it the deranged individual wielding those firearms the cause? (This may seem like a calloused question to ask, but an accurate analogy would be, was it the fault of the kool-aid (to which a deranged individual had mercilessly added cyanide) at fault for the tragic deaths in Guyana? Was it the fuel that powered the jet engines that successfully carried the jets so that they could be aimed at, and then crashed into the World Trade Center buildings?

We Must Maintain Objectivity, Unlike The Criminal!
It’s going to be vitally imperative that we ask ourselves these questions before voting to ban the very firearms that may be needed by responsible gun owners for self defense and protection from home invasion and or bodily harm intended by a would-be attacker.

In the midst of this (and similar) horrendous crimes, we must not lose sight of the fact that the criminals who will continue to inflict these crimes upon the unsuspecting, vulnerable public, will always harbor firearms! That is because criminals usually do notobtain their firearms by legal means!

We need to think these issues and our resulting decisions over very, very carefully and avoid making any kind of an emotionally-based decision about our gun laws. We need to remember that the day may come when, we may need that firearm to protect ourown family/children!

Addressing the requirements for respnsible firearm ownership so that only responsible individuals are allowed to purchase firearms, (yes, even to include stringent psychological testing requirements) is to address the PROBLEM ITSELF! We absolutely must keep two realities in mind:

1. Firearms don’t kill people, irresponsible PEOPLE pull the trigger on the weapon that kills people; and
2. Throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater has never solved any problem, and it won’t solve the problem of children murdering children.

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