Opponents of proposed Deadwood petting zoo claim it is front for fur farm


Many nights we waken to the haunting sound of from thirty-five to fifty wolves howling for hours on end, and at all hours of the night, right next door. Sometimes we hear them howling unceasingly during daytime hours. We’ve figured out that much of the time (like dogs) they must be desperately crying out for food when they’re very hungry. How did we draw this conclusion? Because they stop very suddenly and then don’t howl again for a day or more . . .as if someone has finally gotten around to feeding them.

Oftentimes we’ve had to go for days on end with the house closed up in spring, summer and fall, because the stench of the rotting road kill they feed the wolves so totally permeates the neighborhood air that to remain outdoors, or to open any windows, meant to quickly become nauseated.

Then there has been the intermittent screaming of pigs. (My husband and I both grew-up on farms and easily recognize the scream of a hog in distress.) Last year another of our neighbors took a photograph of a dead pig lying among the rest of the pigs, frozen to death. We’re told that these are feeder pigs . . . but often wonder aghast, “Oh my gosh, aren’t they killing the pigs before feeding them to the wolves?” It’s a torturous sound for my husband and I because we are both animal lovers. My husband has looked at me with a pleading expression in his eyes, and it breaks my heart to see him hurting for these helpless animals next door to us. We’ve had to go indoors because the sound has been so emotionally traumatizing.

Then there are the cougars and other wildcats, which as most folks realize are dangerous animals. They’ve erected an eight foot tall wire fence but don’t seem to know that cats will climb and/or crawl under just about anything in their way.

The owner of this so-called petting zoo is in the process of opening a twin set-up in Deadwood, South Dakota. Here is the latest news on this matter. We hope and pray that maybe, finally, Minnesota will follow suit. (Go to link below)


<a href="http://Opponents of proposed Deadwood petting zoo claim it is front for fur farm.” title=”Opponents of proposed Deadwood petting zoo claim it is front for fur farm”>Opponents of proposed Deadwood petting zoo claim it is front for fur farm.



barackobama2mI doubt that there was a dry tear in the country when the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred. Sandy Hook was such a deeply disturbing atrocity that it defied words. I know that there were no dry eyes here at our house.

When I’d heard on the news that the president of the United States had traveled there to be with the grieving parents, I remember thinking, “That’s a really nice thing for him to do.” When I’d heard that he was remaining behind closed doors with the grieving families, I thought to myself, “H-m-m-m . . . that’s odd.” Giving what appeared to be the president’s kindness the benefit of the doubt, I didn’t think anything more about it . . . until . . .

Abruptly as could be, the entire focus of the president’s attention was switched to “gun control”. Something just didn’t seem right about that. The firearms were to blame for these children’s tragic deaths? It was as though those guns had just marched right into that school, under their own steam, and ‘fired themselves away!” Just like the cars that crash on our highways resulting in human casualties just drove themselves right out of their garages, down the street, then aimed themselves viciously at their human targets and mercilessly ran them down. H-m-m-m . . . I wonder what could possibly be wrong with that picture!

Even then, it wasn’t until the president scheduled his second visit with the grieving parents of Sandy Hook, that I grew suspicious. My first thought at hearing this news, was, “Either President Obama has developed an obsession with these tragic deaths, or, what? Could he have a hidden agenda?” The thought was so repugnant to me that I had to shut it out altogether for awhile. Needless to say, the thought crept right back into my mind. Dark and ominous as it was. Once my inspired-to-write-mind takes ahold of an idea, it’s like a dog with a bone in it’s grip. You can call me “paranoid”, but quite frankly, “I smell a rat.”

So I thought to myself, “Okay, we all know that the president wants total gun control in our country. In fact, it seems to me that if he were to have his way, there’d be no firearms in our country at all; never mind the Second Amendment. Dear God, would he exploit these tragic deaths and grieving families in order to further his own cause?

If I’m not completely off-base, the hideous truth of the matter is that the president might just as well step up, stand on those tragically murdered children’s coffins, and shake his finger at we Americans to sell his gun control agenda! Could Obama have a hidden agenda, I asked myself . . . and suddenly it all made sense to me; and I bent over and wept.

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Destination: Drone Bombing

Destination: Drone Bombing

How well I recall the sense of safety living in America provided during the years when I was growing-up. Even as a young adult, the United States of America was the only country I could have imagined wanting to live in. Clearly, times have changed. Everything began taking a turn for the worse since the numerous tragedies of the 9/11 disaster. It seems that now we live in a country where violence (the use of deadly force) has become the norm. Today my childhood seems not only years away, but worlds away.

While our government appears to be doing everything humanly possible to stop the violence, in it’s next breath, it justifies the use of drone bombings right here, on it’s own soil. Please don’t misunderstand me, I have nothing whatsoever against the immediate destruction of any terrorist who intends to bring harm to our country. But before the due course of law has been pursued and the party has been found “guilty”?

In my mind, this opens the door to countless more tragedies. For example, if one person has-it-in for another, and goes to great lengths to set that individual-up to appear guilty of being a terrorist, what hope is there of getting at the truth? The individual appears guilty, then is bombed by a drone? Is this not the equivalent of legalized vigilantism by the government?
While our government claims to want stop the violence here by banning guns, it can bomb people at will? There is no other phrase that I can find to describe this kind of hypocrisy than, “Me thinks thou speak with forked tongue”!

I can recall cases where identified terrorists seemed like perfectly good neighbors to those residing near them; where those residing near them later described them as people who’d been quiet, kept to themselves and caused no problems for anyone. Obviously, these terrorists neighbors had no idea these terrorists were traitors to our country. So, let’s take a ‘best case’ scenario and imagine our government deciding to, without any due process, have a drone drop a bomb on these terrorists’ house. What about their neighbors?

If I am to believe that these drones can drop a bomb on one house causing damage to only that one house, then I definitely should pursue purchasing at least a share or two in the Brooklyn Bridge!

In terms of innocent lives being lost, (with the only exception being numbers) how would this be any different from the horrors of 9/11? If there is logic in this kind of thinking, I certainly wish someone would explain it to me.

• How can taking innocent lives be justified?
• How can violent acts that result in the loss of innocent
lives be wrong on one hand, yet rationalized
as “justifiable” on the next?
• Is it not true that firearms cause destruction on a very
small scale compared to the destruction caused by a bomb?
• Are we no longer a democracy?

A democracy is supposed to be “a government by the people, for the people”. How many people do you know who want to experience a bomb being dropped on the house next door to them? (Or on the same block, for that matter)?

So far, I haven’t talked to anyone who wants to experience a bomb in their neighborhood. I really have to wonder for the umpteenth time, “What is our world coming to?” From everything I’ve been able to tell, it would seem that it is coming to is an “end”. At this point, I have to wonder whether that would truly be such a bad thing, after all appeasing Obama.

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If You’re Going to Vote, You Owe it to Yourself to See the Obama Movie, “2016”

If you wanted to find the very best deal you could on the very best car your money could buy, my hunch is that you would thoroughly research at least two different automobile makes. If you’re anything like me, you would even make sure to check with Consumer Reports on the off-chance that the manner in which the auto dealers represented their vehicles to you might not be entirely honest and above-board. Make sense? Yes, I thought that it might.
Well, this evening, I sat down with my husband and watched the movie, “2016”. Granted, I’ve been agreeing with my husband that for this presidential term, Romney would be, “the lesser of two evils”.
I have never been a staunch Democrat nor a staunch Republican. I totally supported JFK, and I also totally supported Gerald Ford. I supported the men and their belief systems. Let me explain what I mean and where I stand with “the lesser of two evils”. Truly, I think that it would benefit Mitt Romney greatly to “lose” the “slick” appearance and the almost endless “smirk” he wears across his face whenever he appears on television. As for Obama, I have never experienced a gut-level reaction of trust for him. For that very same reason, I did not vote for Bill Clinton. Low and behold, his trustworthiness, at least in what I consider to be his primary and most important role as a husband and father, his trustworthiness came into some very serious question. I consider this presidential situation to be, at best, a somewhat grim reality. But Romney and Obama are the only two presidential candidates we have to choose from.
For me, the most important part of all of this political chaos and throat-cutting techniques, is not so much what it is that I will end-up having to live with. It is what my children and my grandchildren will have to live with (and under). I have honestly felt that I owe it to them, to be as open-minded in thoroughly researching these two candidates who would BOTH have me believe that they would make the best possible president of our fine, capitalist, land of the free, country.
Tonight, while watching the movie “2016”, I learned a great deal about Obama. I really hadn’t ever researched him before at all, I’d only trusted my gut. In this movie, many lines from the autobiography Barrack Obama wrote titled, “Dreams from My Father” were read aloud by the man from India narrated the film. I was quite shocked and disturbed by what I heard.
I hadn’t known that Barrack’s mother had been Caucasian, that she and his father had met in a Russian classroom situation, and that at the time his father (who was admittedly Marxist) married her, he was already married to a woman in Kenya with whom he had young children. I hadn’t known that his father had married four times (without any divorces) and that he’d been totally abandoned by his father who’d gone back to his previous wife and married another new wife and so maintained only a relationship of letter-writing with Barrack. I’d had no idea that when Barrack’s mother remarried and his stepfather (who was pro-western) worked in the California Oil Fields, Barrack’s mother opposed her husband’s employment lecturing about her hatred of “The wealthy, white Texas Oil men”. I don’t think I would have believed that she hated them so much that she sent Barrack back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents and then divorced his stepfather; that then his grandparents selected a mentor for Barrack to spend the majority of his free time with, poet Frank Marshall Davis who started two communist publications that were blatantly Anti-American; in fact, that Marshall Davis was considered such a major threat by the FBI that he was listed on the Social Index in such a way that should there ever be a war with Russia Mr. Davis should be immediately arrested!
When the gentleman who is from India went to Cogalo, Kenya to interview Barrack’s grandmother, Barrack’s half-sister warned her not to give the interview; and he was then warned that they were no longer safe in Cogalo. Yet, Barrack’s half-sister describes their father completely differently than Barrack in that, her description is of an abusive alcoholic who beat his wives and who repeatedly burst into her room raging about how unfair the world had been to him.
Barrack’s younger half-brother stated in an interview that we should all take a look at South Africa and how well they are doing with the help they’ve gotten from America, yet look at Kenya “which is still a basket-case”; then concluded, “Should we really have gotten rid of Britain?” Barrack’s half-brother also talked about how Barrack states that he and his half-brother are like Cain and Abel, but has not tried to assist his half-brother who lives in abject poverty.
All in all, I came away from this movie wondering how Barrack Obama can title his autobiography, “Dreams from My Father” and lead the American people to believe that he wants what is best for America, when his father was openly anti-American, anti-Colonialism, and whose two primary goals roads to building a successful country were to:
1. Use power of state to control the country’s wealth; and
2. Charge very high taxes.
I no longer feel puzzled by this man who openly stated that he knows exactly how to appeal to Americans because all that Americans want is a young black man who is never angry. We Americans can be very trusting, and want to believe that those who are not of our heritage, do not hate us. After viewing this movie, I’m left feeling more disturbed by this presidential race than ever, and even less trusting of this man who declares that he will run America for a second term. So, I wonder, just who really IS this man who calls himself “Obama”?

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“My daughter-in-law recently posted a link on Facebook that caught my attention. More than a little curious, I double-clicked on the link, and was absolutely dumbfounded by what I found there. I then determined that it is just too important not to pass-on to others!” . . .

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