Opponents of proposed Deadwood petting zoo claim it is front for fur farm


Many nights we waken to the haunting sound of from thirty-five to fifty wolves howling for hours on end, and at all hours of the night, right next door. Sometimes we hear them howling unceasingly during daytime hours. We’ve figured out that much of the time (like dogs) they must be desperately crying out for food when they’re very hungry. How did we draw this conclusion? Because they stop very suddenly and then don’t howl again for a day or more . . .as if someone has finally gotten around to feeding them.

Oftentimes we’ve had to go for days on end with the house closed up in spring, summer and fall, because the stench of the rotting road kill they feed the wolves so totally permeates the neighborhood air that to remain outdoors, or to open any windows, meant to quickly become nauseated.

Then there has been the intermittent screaming of pigs. (My husband and I both grew-up on farms and easily recognize the scream of a hog in distress.) Last year another of our neighbors took a photograph of a dead pig lying among the rest of the pigs, frozen to death. We’re told that these are feeder pigs . . . but often wonder aghast, “Oh my gosh, aren’t they killing the pigs before feeding them to the wolves?” It’s a torturous sound for my husband and I because we are both animal lovers. My husband has looked at me with a pleading expression in his eyes, and it breaks my heart to see him hurting for these helpless animals next door to us. We’ve had to go indoors because the sound has been so emotionally traumatizing.

Then there are the cougars and other wildcats, which as most folks realize are dangerous animals. They’ve erected an eight foot tall wire fence but don’t seem to know that cats will climb and/or crawl under just about anything in their way.

The owner of this so-called petting zoo is in the process of opening a twin set-up in Deadwood, South Dakota. Here is the latest news on this matter. We hope and pray that maybe, finally, Minnesota will follow suit. (Go to link below)


<a href="http://Opponents of proposed Deadwood petting zoo claim it is front for fur farm.” title=”Opponents of proposed Deadwood petting zoo claim it is front for fur farm”>Opponents of proposed Deadwood petting zoo claim it is front for fur farm.



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Letter to My Parents On Parenting

Dear Mama and Papa,

I love you so much. I wouldn’t be here at all, were it not for you, for you brought me into this world. It is an enormous world. One that often frightens me when I step beyond the umbrella of your loving care and protection. You’ve gone to great lengths to teach me to take baby steps out into that enormous world so that I would always have the reassurance of knowing that I can quickly retreat back to the safety of that umbrella I know as “home” should I need to do so. You face the dangers of the world for me so that I never have to worry that I am alone.

Your dedication to loving me and to providing me with the confidence and faith I need to take baby steps toward my eventual independence overwhelms my heart with gratitude. For in so doing, you provide me with the confidence I need to grow to be strong in my principles and in my convictions. You’ve explained to me how crucial those attributes will be to my being able to lead a successful adult life someday.

One of the most important gifts you have given me, is the gift of stability. I’ve not entered this world at an easy time. There is so much violence going on that I wouldn’t feel safe except for the fact that I know that I can count on your steadfast reliability. I am faced, yes, even in middle school, with the ever-changing conditions of the world outside our home. I feel afraid that nothing might ever stay the same.

I’m only twelve. I have no frame of reference from which to draw courage to face the day ahead, except that which you provide for me. I get really scared sometimes when the other kids at school talk about the world coming to an end, and all the killings in schools like mine. Daily, I worry. At those times, it is only the reassurance of your consistency that gives me hope and renews my faith in the world around me. You have always been the foundation of the inner strength upon which I am challenged, daily, to build my present and my future life. I learn from the consistent steadfastness within our family, that despite the awful conditions in the world, I can remain hopeful that there are some things I will always be able to depend upon to remain stable . . . if only my inner self.

I just wanted to write this letter to you, to thank you for doing all that you can, to stabilize my world so that I don’t have to live with constant ambiguity. Thank you for being my constant anchor in the storms that rage in the sea of the world. Thank you for teaching me how to maintain my faith that all will be well within me, no matter what. For I reaize that parenting can’t be easy.

Your Son,

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If You’re Going to Vote, You Owe it to Yourself to See the Obama Movie, “2016”

If you wanted to find the very best deal you could on the very best car your money could buy, my hunch is that you would thoroughly research at least two different automobile makes. If you’re anything like me, you would even make sure to check with Consumer Reports on the off-chance that the manner in which the auto dealers represented their vehicles to you might not be entirely honest and above-board. Make sense? Yes, I thought that it might.
Well, this evening, I sat down with my husband and watched the movie, “2016”. Granted, I’ve been agreeing with my husband that for this presidential term, Romney would be, “the lesser of two evils”.
I have never been a staunch Democrat nor a staunch Republican. I totally supported JFK, and I also totally supported Gerald Ford. I supported the men and their belief systems. Let me explain what I mean and where I stand with “the lesser of two evils”. Truly, I think that it would benefit Mitt Romney greatly to “lose” the “slick” appearance and the almost endless “smirk” he wears across his face whenever he appears on television. As for Obama, I have never experienced a gut-level reaction of trust for him. For that very same reason, I did not vote for Bill Clinton. Low and behold, his trustworthiness, at least in what I consider to be his primary and most important role as a husband and father, his trustworthiness came into some very serious question. I consider this presidential situation to be, at best, a somewhat grim reality. But Romney and Obama are the only two presidential candidates we have to choose from.
For me, the most important part of all of this political chaos and throat-cutting techniques, is not so much what it is that I will end-up having to live with. It is what my children and my grandchildren will have to live with (and under). I have honestly felt that I owe it to them, to be as open-minded in thoroughly researching these two candidates who would BOTH have me believe that they would make the best possible president of our fine, capitalist, land of the free, country.
Tonight, while watching the movie “2016”, I learned a great deal about Obama. I really hadn’t ever researched him before at all, I’d only trusted my gut. In this movie, many lines from the autobiography Barrack Obama wrote titled, “Dreams from My Father” were read aloud by the man from India narrated the film. I was quite shocked and disturbed by what I heard.
I hadn’t known that Barrack’s mother had been Caucasian, that she and his father had met in a Russian classroom situation, and that at the time his father (who was admittedly Marxist) married her, he was already married to a woman in Kenya with whom he had young children. I hadn’t known that his father had married four times (without any divorces) and that he’d been totally abandoned by his father who’d gone back to his previous wife and married another new wife and so maintained only a relationship of letter-writing with Barrack. I’d had no idea that when Barrack’s mother remarried and his stepfather (who was pro-western) worked in the California Oil Fields, Barrack’s mother opposed her husband’s employment lecturing about her hatred of “The wealthy, white Texas Oil men”. I don’t think I would have believed that she hated them so much that she sent Barrack back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents and then divorced his stepfather; that then his grandparents selected a mentor for Barrack to spend the majority of his free time with, poet Frank Marshall Davis who started two communist publications that were blatantly Anti-American; in fact, that Marshall Davis was considered such a major threat by the FBI that he was listed on the Social Index in such a way that should there ever be a war with Russia Mr. Davis should be immediately arrested!
When the gentleman who is from India went to Cogalo, Kenya to interview Barrack’s grandmother, Barrack’s half-sister warned her not to give the interview; and he was then warned that they were no longer safe in Cogalo. Yet, Barrack’s half-sister describes their father completely differently than Barrack in that, her description is of an abusive alcoholic who beat his wives and who repeatedly burst into her room raging about how unfair the world had been to him.
Barrack’s younger half-brother stated in an interview that we should all take a look at South Africa and how well they are doing with the help they’ve gotten from America, yet look at Kenya “which is still a basket-case”; then concluded, “Should we really have gotten rid of Britain?” Barrack’s half-brother also talked about how Barrack states that he and his half-brother are like Cain and Abel, but has not tried to assist his half-brother who lives in abject poverty.
All in all, I came away from this movie wondering how Barrack Obama can title his autobiography, “Dreams from My Father” and lead the American people to believe that he wants what is best for America, when his father was openly anti-American, anti-Colonialism, and whose two primary goals roads to building a successful country were to:
1. Use power of state to control the country’s wealth; and
2. Charge very high taxes.
I no longer feel puzzled by this man who openly stated that he knows exactly how to appeal to Americans because all that Americans want is a young black man who is never angry. We Americans can be very trusting, and want to believe that those who are not of our heritage, do not hate us. After viewing this movie, I’m left feeling more disturbed by this presidential race than ever, and even less trusting of this man who declares that he will run America for a second term. So, I wonder, just who really IS this man who calls himself “Obama”?

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The Murder of Children: A Dark Cloud Over Sandy Hook

The criminal will always own firearms because they usually do NOT obtain them by legal means. We must be very vigilant about maintaining our objectivity and our common sense or risk becoming similar to, and/or falling victim to, the criminal!

 An Unthinkable Act of Evil
 Unsuspecting Victims
 Weapons in the Hands of the Wrong People, Commit Crimes!
 We Must Maintain Objectivity, Unlike The Criminal!

An Unthinkable Act of Evil
Could anything be any more tragic than the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre that transpired on December 14, 2012? I think not. The thought that any human being would even wish any evil upon young children is unthinkable. Yet, this week, a twenty-year old human being carried at least three loaded weapons into this elementary school (that legally belonged to his mother) and destroyed twenty-seven lives, and then, his own life. It is not difficult to conclude that any individual who would commit such a heinous and evil deed, had to be at the very least, deranged.

This individual clearly had to have premeditated a crime that would have required a great deal of forethought and planning. Even as he purchased and loaded the ammunition into the guns he later fired into innocent victims, what was he thinking? “Soon I will empty these magazines into a roomful of tiny bodies”, certainly may have been his thought. Clearly, his intention was to kill and he executed his intended slaughter meticulously. Yes, it’s true, there had to have been a very dark cloud hanging over Sandy Hook on 12/14/12.

Unsuspecting Victims
If raindrops fell from the dark cloud over Sandy Hook that day, the falling moisture was not rain, but teardrops that fell from heaven. Little bodies of little children who’d gone to school that day to explore their newfound world of learning. Children too young to have been able to understand the meaning of danger, let alone, evil; and yet, without any shadow of a doubt, it was pure evil that met them in their kindergarten classroom that day.

Weapons in the Hands of the Wrong People, Commit Crimes!
Under such horrific circumstances, it can be difficult, at best, to understand how this could have happened. Weapons come in all types, shapes and sizes. Yes, the twenty-year old Lanza might have used any number of different weapons to accomplish his goal of this mass slaughter.

This perpetrator might have chosen explosives, such as the terrorists with whom 911 made us painfully familiar; or cyanide in the children’s morning beverage, the way that Jim Jones murdered 800 people in Guyana a couple of decades ago. But! He didn’t choose any of these methods of murder. He chose to use firearms.

Were the firearms the cause of this heinous massacre . . . or was it the deranged individual wielding those firearms the cause? (This may seem like a calloused question to ask, but an accurate analogy would be, was it the fault of the kool-aid (to which a deranged individual had mercilessly added cyanide) at fault for the tragic deaths in Guyana? Was it the fuel that powered the jet engines that successfully carried the jets so that they could be aimed at, and then crashed into the World Trade Center buildings?

We Must Maintain Objectivity, Unlike The Criminal!
It’s going to be vitally imperative that we ask ourselves these questions before voting to ban the very firearms that may be needed by responsible gun owners for self defense and protection from home invasion and or bodily harm intended by a would-be attacker.

In the midst of this (and similar) horrendous crimes, we must not lose sight of the fact that the criminals who will continue to inflict these crimes upon the unsuspecting, vulnerable public, will always harbor firearms! That is because criminals usually do notobtain their firearms by legal means!

We need to think these issues and our resulting decisions over very, very carefully and avoid making any kind of an emotionally-based decision about our gun laws. We need to remember that the day may come when, we may need that firearm to protect ourown family/children!

Addressing the requirements for respnsible firearm ownership so that only responsible individuals are allowed to purchase firearms, (yes, even to include stringent psychological testing requirements) is to address the PROBLEM ITSELF! We absolutely must keep two realities in mind:

1. Firearms don’t kill people, irresponsible PEOPLE pull the trigger on the weapon that kills people; and
2. Throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater has never solved any problem, and it won’t solve the problem of children murdering children.

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Only Crazy People Get Divorced

Maybe you’ve known somebody who was getting divorced and who took all kinds of emotional hostages along the way as they wreaked havoc in the lives of their entire family and friends. It never ceases to amaze me how two people who once were madly enough in love to pledge their lives to one another, can turn on each other and attack no differently than a rattle snake would. I recently encountered requests for advice in one of these awful situations.

I have a friend whose sister is embarking on her first divorce. My friend has been experiencing emotional distress over the fact that she feels her sister is being ruthless and terribly unfair to her future ex-husband. I was saying to my friend the other day, “Never mind that he had an affair with his wife’s best friend.” To which my friend responded, “Well! My sister had an affair too! But she didn’t tell any of the family about her affair. She just cried on everybody’s shoulder over his affair. We all felt pitifully sorry for her at the time, and here she was doing the same thing!” What could I say?

It seems that this couple has a three figure income, most of which belongs to my friend’s sister. From what my friend shared with me, it sounds as though her sister plans to take her ex-to-be to the cleaners. It sounds as if somebody warned him that he’d better get himself a good divorce attorney before it’s too late.

My friend shared with me that her sister’s ex-to-be called and asked to talk with her. So, she met him for coffee at a restaurant where he proceeded to pour his heart out to her. It seems that my friend knows her sister to be a very self-centered, histrionic and demanding woman who never settles for less than getting her own way. (I’m sitting there thinking, “Boy, it sure must have been fun growing-up with her!”

The saddest part of all is that the parents in the family are getting quite elderly, and it’s breaking their hearts that the family is falling apart. I guess that the divorcing sister isn’t sparing them any of the nasty details. It seems they’d all been a very close knit family and celebrated all their holidays together. Each sibling married and had several children and so even the kids are really close and have more or less grown up together.

My friend explained that when she told her thirteen year old daughter about the impending split-up, she cried and expressed fear that she might never see her uncle again. My friend is beside herself watching her own children being deeply affected by all of this nonsense and so she’s pretty angry about it.

It seems that her family all go out to a lake cabin together each summer, and this is being arranged again this year. The problem is that one of the other sisters is extremely angry at the one who is divorcing her husband and plans to blow-up at her at the lake cabin. My friend asked me what I think she should do.

My opinion, which I shared with my friend, is that I think she should stay away from any possible explosions, keep her distance from her family for the time being, and most of all, not expose her children to any possible emotional trauma. My friend agreed that this makes sense, and that eventually it should all cool-down and blow over.

Tongue in cheek, I also shared that, for all she knows, five to ten years from now these two could remarry and everyone in the family would have gone crazy for nothing! (Not that I really think that will happen . . . . but, then again, who knows??)

We talked about all the mean crazy things these two have done to each other and how, as a result, they are both, naturally, acting crazy . . . essentially, they’ve driven each other crazy! More than likely it will take several years and lots of psychotherapy for either of them to straighten out their lives (not to mention the lives of their four children).

We agreed that although we’ve both known a few couples who sorted out the marital problems together, filed for divorce together and remained friends after-the-fact. We also agreed that we can count these couples on one hand! We also agreed that we could talk the subject to death, and, the fact would remain that most couples who end up divorcing, have driven each other (and everyone close to them who would let them) crazy by the time they reached divorce court.

It seems to me that the old saying is true in this case, like in so many others, “You simply cannot make sense out of nonsense.”

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Grandparents: The Best Gift of ALL

The snowflakes were falling, one-by-one; no two alike in their intricate shapes and sizes.  Large, billowy soft, and no doubt slippery beneath the feet, they rapidly accumulated everywhere.  Gazing out the window of our fireplace warmed living-room, we shared in a mutual sympathy for the slow moving travelers as each one continued to ever so cautiously trudge forth amid the end-of-day traffic.  The growing darkness served to intensify their already treacherous journeys.

Grandma and grandpa had arrived at our home earlier that day to once again share in the children’s excitement over the decorating of the Christmas tree.  That process had always been a very special family one.  We had nearly completed the adorning of our majestically tall tree when our attention had been diverted by the lovely, whiteness of the new fallen snow outside; a snowfall that had arrived as if just in time to enhance our Christmas spirit.

Christmas TreeWe turned our attention back to the tree and placed the large, shiny silver star atop.  As we turned on the lights and  stood back marveling at the beauty before us, the “oohs” and “aahs” of the children could be heard.  Sharing in their Christmas joy, we grown-ups exchanged glances that conveyed the joy and gratitude from deep within our hearts at being blest, once again, with sharing this heartwarming occasion.

Suddenly, amidst the silence, a tiny voice could be heard singing a familiar tune.  There sat our five year old daughter, huddled close to the tree, singing “Silent Night”.  Inspired by her Christmas spirit, we all joined-in and sang along.  It seemed as though Grandma and Grandpa especially enjoyed the nostalgia of sharing the familiar carols of their many Christmas’ in years gone-by.   Singing the carols together had become a treasured family tradition.  As I sang along, my thoughts were carried back to the many years past when we’d sung those same, beautiful Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve.

Voices tiring at last, the children asked Grandpa to again recite Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol” for them.  Smiling, he gathered both children in his outstretched arms and beside him in the overstuffed chair they now shared.  This year, I, too, sat down to listen.  I soon found myself totally captived by his uniquely appealing story-telling voice.  My gaze became fixed upon that very special man.  The silver-greying of his hair, seemed somehow more apparent than ever before as the aged ring of his voice carried a noticeable, weary tone that hadn’t seemed to penetrate my consciousness before.  Had I just never taken the time before to listen and to observe him so closely?  Could it have been the deep surge of sentiment filling my heart as the children and I were so visibly captivated by his every word?

I wondered silently as my gaze became focused upon Grandma who sat across the room, deeply engrossed in her crocheting.  She was completely unaware of my gaze having become fixed upon her hands.  Those tender, loving hands that had grown wrinkled with age and the countless years of hard work she’d toiled away at in order to bless our family with the home we all, now shared.  I noticed her tired hands endeavoring to use that familiar old crotchet hook as adeptly as she once had.  Those lovely hands that, despite the wear and tear of the years, still managed to crotchet some of the most magnificent creations I’d ever seen.  I watched silently as my heart overflowed with love for her.

Filled with a warm, deep sense of gratitude, I became fully aware of the privilege of that evening together – the privilege of having them there with us.  For once again, they were filling their irreplaceable role in that very priceless, family moment.  Realizing the endless amounts of love they have bestowed upon two generations of children at this time each year brought a tear of joy to my eye; and I was reminded of how their presence there with us, was, truly, the best gift of all.

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