Is Life Merely Time in a Speck-Filled World?

While sitting at a friend’s funeral today, my thoughts visited a thousand different places. Obviously, mortality was one of them. I’ve noticed myself thinking about things like mortality a lot more since my sixtieth birthday.

How well I remember being young and thinking that nothing on earth could ever get the best of me. I was invincible, or so I thought. I’d look at people who were many years my elder, convinced that wrinkles and old age would never happen to me. Ah, the sweet beauty of being young and naïve.

Then, of course, real life began happening. Things like work, children, financial pressures, health issues. Somewhere along the way in all of this, I seemed to have lost track of the importance of invincibility. Somehow, somewhere, my invincibility seemed to have escaped me. I was too busy doing other, more important things. Time passed by while I was busy doing other things.

Now my children are grown, the bills have been paid and things seem so different. I no longer feel invincible. My strong sense of invincibility has been replaced with a deep sense of vulnerability. I gaze at the hills, the mountains and the trees and I realize that long after I’m gone, those same hills, mountains and trees will still be here. They’ll be no different than they are today, as I stand here enjoying their beauty. The only thing that will be different is that I won’t be here. The harsh reality of my insignificance seems nearly overwhelming as I realize what a tiny speck I am on this big planet earth.

I ask myself questions like, one hundred years from now, will anyone remember my name? Will anyone know that today I stood on this very spot enjoying the beauty around me? Will anyone know how important my everyday tasks, my job, my family are to me? Will anyone care about the sacrifices I’ve made? Will anyone even know my name? I suspect that no one will.

Realizing one’s own mortality can be a painful, even earth shattering process. Have I accomplished anything of any lasting importance? Have I made my mark on this earth? Or have I simply been just one more speck that quickly passes through it’s lifespan and will then go, “poof” and disappear forever? So what really is the meaning of life? I mean, within the context of everything else that exists on this earth, what really has been my purpose here? When this speck goes “poof,” will I be missed? Will I be remembered? Will my memory be cherished? Perhaps for a time, by those who’ve known me.

In reality, I wonder though, if I’m not really just another speck who will make way for many other specks to come after me. Just as I came after the specks that came before me!

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