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Letter to My Parents (Post Has Been Moved to In Honor of All the Children!)

Letter to My Parents.

Letter to My Parents On Parenting

Dear Mama and Papa,

I love you so much. I wouldn’t be here at all, were it not for you, for you brought me into this world. It is an enormous world. One that often frightens me when I step beyond the umbrella of your loving care and protection. You’ve gone to great lengths to teach me to take baby steps out into that enormous world so that I would always have the reassurance of knowing that I can quickly retreat back to the safety of that umbrella I know as “home” should I need to do so. You face the dangers of the world for me so that I never have to worry that I am alone.

Your dedication to loving me and to providing me with the confidence and faith I need to take baby steps toward my eventual independence overwhelms my heart with gratitude. For in so doing, you provide me with the confidence I need to grow to be strong in my principles and in my convictions. You’ve explained to me how crucial those attributes will be to my being able to lead a successful adult life someday.

One of the most important gifts you have given me, is the gift of stability. I’ve not entered this world at an easy time. There is so much violence going on that I wouldn’t feel safe except for the fact that I know that I can count on your steadfast reliability. I am faced, yes, even in middle school, with the ever-changing conditions of the world outside our home. I feel afraid that nothing might ever stay the same.

I’m only twelve. I have no frame of reference from which to draw courage to face the day ahead, except that which you provide for me. I get really scared sometimes when the other kids at school talk about the world coming to an end, and all the killings in schools like mine. Daily, I worry. At those times, it is only the reassurance of your consistency that gives me hope and renews my faith in the world around me. You have always been the foundation of the inner strength upon which I am challenged, daily, to build my present and my future life. I learn from the consistent steadfastness within our family, that despite the awful conditions in the world, I can remain hopeful that there are some things I will always be able to depend upon to remain stable . . . if only my inner self.

I just wanted to write this letter to you, to thank you for doing all that you can, to stabilize my world so that I don’t have to live with constant ambiguity. Thank you for being my constant anchor in the storms that rage in the sea of the world. Thank you for teaching me how to maintain my faith that all will be well within me, no matter what. For I reaize that parenting can’t be easy.

Your Son,

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It has never been more important that we ask ourselves where it is truly wise and safe for us to seek and find direction, clarity and the peace we seek in our lives. Clearly, there are many charletains in the world who would have us believe that they have found and can offer us, the truth, the light and the way. One dimension of these offers that I never cease to find amazing, is the price we must pay for “the truth, the light and the way”.

Certainly, organized religion asks that we “donate” our hard earned dollars to their cause. Countless numbers of people take issue with that. Understandably so. Fortunately, in most cases, doing so will take it’s toll upon our pocketbook. This cost is a nominal one in comparison to the cost of the so-called “more unique” paths available to the public leading to the truth, the light and the way.

You may recall the Jim Jones Cult and the hundreds of lives that were taken in the name of the truth, the light and the way. You may find it baffling that so many people would follow a self-proclaimed man of God (madman) to their death. (Make no mistake about it, there will be many more to come!) The cost? Immeasurable, in the form of money. By whom is the cost paid? The cost is ultimately paid by:

· Every victim of the resulting death toll,

· Every loved one of those on the list of the dead,

· Outside individuals who attempt to rescue victims before it is too late to do so . . .

and the list goes on and on.

Because of the freedom of everyone to pursue whatever goals they choose, it will always be possible to be taken advantage of by the charletains of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change our freedom to pursue our dreams for anything in the world. If I had the power to change anything, it would be to persuade those individuals who feel their lives lack meaning and direction to the extent that they actually allow themselves to become willing to fall victim to any charletain (psychopath) who comes along and who claims to have all the answers. Take heed! No one on this earth has all the answers! To have all the answers, one would have to be superhuman and the only ones I know of who have mastered the power to do so have been Superman and Spiderman! (i.e. In the real world, this kind of power simply does not exist!)

So, whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to become one of the hundreds of thousands of sheep in the world who blindly follow their herder over the edge of the cliff! If you do, you will discover (as did the hundreds of victims of Jim Jones and the victims of James Ray) that the only rewards to be found are the fatal deceit push toward the jagged rocks laying in wait, at the bottom!

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“My daughter-in-law recently posted a link on Facebook that caught my attention. More than a little curious, I double-clicked on the link, and was absolutely dumbfounded by what I found there. I then determined that it is just too important not to pass-on to others!” . . .

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Historical Event of the 9/11 Holocaust that Be-fell America

I am a free lance writer, a mental health professional, and (among other things) an old history buff from way back.  It has been while researching my own genealogical roots that certain gnawing questions have occurred to me.  It is also because of that fact that I have arrived at the decision to compose this article. 

I have been fortunate enough to have descended from ancestors on both my paternal and maternal sides who’ve authored and published books about their heritage and their lives back in the 1800’s and before.  I also consider myself very fortunate in having been bestowed with an abundance of the persistence and perseverance required to diligently pursue my long term goal of locating this invaluable information about not only those from whence I came, but about who I am, today.  (However, that’s an entire ‘nother topic about which another published article will follow this one in the very near future, I can assure you!) 

By the same token, in order to be completely forthright with you, I must divulge the fact that it was while pursuing my genealogical endeavors that more than one important, gnawing question I mentioned earlier, seemed to linger within my thoughts.  It was in the midst of my research, that I realized that there’d been certain important, world changing historical events which had occurred during the lives of my ancestors. Historical events about which they neglected to write their families’ experiences in their documented family histories and memoirs.  For example, where were my ancestors during those pronounced historical events and what were their personal experiences with, during and resulting from those events? 

 Possessing the incurably, inquisitive mind that I do, as I longed to have known far more than I was able to find documented, I found myself pondering the possibility that my own future family generations may experience some of the same curiosities and longings to which I seem to have fallen victim; longings to know more and more about myself and my family, i.e. their ancestors!  It is, thus, primarily because of my desire for the benefit of the coming generations of my own family that I’ve undertaken this particular authoring endeavor. Hopefully, just as certain ancient publications have miraculously fallen into my hands, perhaps this publication will one day, too, fall into theirs.

Now, if you will, permit me to proceed into my own family’s 2009 recollection of that horrific day, September 11, 2001 (otherwise known as “9/11.”)

It was approximately 9:20 A.M. (Central Standard Time) on a weekday.  I’d opted to use a vacation day from work at my office and was at home here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was straightening my living room when the phone rang.  I raised the receiver of the telephone to my ear to hear a tone in my young adult, daughter’s voice I’d never previously experienced.  Her voice tone was one of unmistakable urgency, (bordering on sheer panic) as she instructed me to quickly turn-on my television set.  As I reached for the “on – off” button on my TV, I thought I heard my daughter say something about something horrible having just taken place that was being broadcast “live.”

Much to my shock, horror and disbelief, there was a news announcer speaking as I watched a huge jet passenger aircraft smash, nose, first, into one of the Twin Towers in Manhattan, New York.  Surely this could not really be happening, I’d thought to myself.  I don’t know that there has been any time in my life during which I’ve experienced such massive confusion.  My thoughts seemed to argue with themselves, “But no!  This is AMERICA!  Attacks don’t happen here in AMERICA!”  Then, again, “But look at the television screen!  Could this be some kind of sick trick the media would play?  No, I don’t think so.”  Judging from the undertone of despair in the news announcer’s voice, this was no trick!  I recall stating to my daughter, “Oh my God, Honey!  This is going to mean war!

 My daughter and I spoke for only a few minutes on the telephone.  I told her that I was going to pack a few items and drive over to her house.  We said “Good-bye” and I hung-up the phone. 

 As I rushed around to grab various items to pack inside my bag, my mind swam in a flurry of thoughts.  Thoughts like, “What will we do?   How could this happen?  What does this mean?  Who would do something so terrible?  Why?  What’s going to happen next?  Are we going to be safe where we live?”  It seemed as though the thoughts wouldn’t stop.  Struggle though I did, I could find no answers to my own questions.  Would there be anyone who could answer them?

I grabbed everything I thought I might need while asking myself, “But if I don’t take everything, will I ever see any of it again?”

 The next few days were dark days for all of us here in the United States of America.  My daughter and son-in-law and I struggled to make sure that my two (then toddler) grandchildren learned nothing of what was happening.  So many questions . . . so many fears . . . what to do . . . what to do?

That same morning, not long after the first, the second twin tower was also bombarded by a huge jet passenger airliner.  Could things possibly grow any worse?  Yes, oh yes.  Within minutes, both towers crumbled, stack-by-stack, to the ground.  “Oh dear God!  No!

 There was nothing anyone could do.  No answers to be found.  Three of the longest days of my life were to follow.  Those were the three days during which we heard no word of any kind from the President of the United States of America.  I’d always looked to him for answers in any kind of country-related crisis.  Where was he?  Why won’t he tell us what is happening here?

 On the third day after those atrocities, President Bush came on television and gave a speech.  Today, I do not recall his speech, only his parting words, which were, “God bless America.”  Those words passing between his lips were like a salve to my soul.  At last, I felt able to climb from a pit of despair to once again being able to experience at least a small ray of hope.  However, there was absolutely no denying the fact that our world, as we’d known it, had been completely shattered . . . never to be the same again.  Not next year, not in five years, not ever.

 There were countless stories of heart-breaking, family tragedies that followed over the next several months.  Those were dark days, indeed.  Thankfully, there has been no reoccurrence of 9/11 or of anything like it here in the United States.  Not yet.  Hopefully, not ever again.

 As I prepare to bring this article to a close, I cannot help wondering whether or not my ancestors intentionally neglected to include stories of the historical events that changed their world.  I only know that while writing this article, I’ve found myself neglecting to include details of other’s horrific experiencesand stories of that day when that unspeakable holocaust hit the Twin Towers in Manhattan, New York. 

I find myself wondering whether or not the generations of my family to come, will really want to know after all.


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