Five Tricks to Make Moving Easy

My career has brought about many moves over the past twenty years. Moving from one location to another is stressful, at best. When I was a young married, my mother always helped and she knew how to shortcut and circumvent problems like a pro. Just incase you might be facing a “move” and dreading it, I’d like to share what I’ve learned from Mom and from trial and error experience. (It may be true that it’s the best teacher, but I’ve got to tell you that it certainly isn’t the easiest or the cheapest way to learn!)

Using the following tricks will save you a good deal of valuable time and money! Needless to say, the first step is to arrange the location to which you will move, the truck or moving company you’ll use, and having given adequate notice if you are currently renting. Assuming that you’ve already done these things (because relocating is an entire additional subject) let’s look at where the best place is, to begin the dreaded moving process:

1. Gather Cartons:

 The number of cartons you will need will depend upon the amount of things you will be moving. As one person, living alone, I’ve never used less than sixty (that’s right, 60) cartons. Why? Because a lot of the things I know I’ll be packing are going to create a good deal of weight when crammed together inside a carton! Therefore, it is very important to remember to: Select cartons that are not large in size. (Every carton should be a convenient size for lifting and carrying!) Not only will doing so help save physical aches and pains (and injuries) but the bottoms of the cartons will be far less likely to give-way and break open while you (or whomever) are carrying them! If you can possibly avoid doing so, do not purchase new cartons at any kind of carton/moving/mailing store! They are not cheap and you will more than likely throw them away once you’re moved and all unpacked! Granted, it’s not as easy as it once was to find used cartons at the grocery or liquor stores (or in their dumpsters) since many now shred theirs. But! It’s worth a try! Also, I’ve seen ads in newspapers of folks wanting to get rid of lots of them after they’ve moved (and for a very nominal sum.)

2. Shop for Packing Supplies:

 It’s amazing how necessity can become the mother of invention. There were times when I moved that spending lots of money on the task was not an option. Therefore, for the following supplies (and you will need these) I again avoided carton/moving/mailing stores and opted for such stores as dime-store type stores (i.e. Walmart/K-Mart, etc.):

a.) Tape: I prefer duct tape. It holds no matter what. But a wide, clear tape on a roll works well, too.

b.) You’ll need a couple rolls of masking tape, too.

c.) Magic Markers: I always pick-up at least three black markers.

d.) Newspapers: Begin saving these at least four months before your big move. If doing so isn’t possible, ask friends to save theirs for you, too! This makes great wrap for breakables, some foods, etc.

3. Begin Loading Items into Cartons:

 Obviously, you can begin in any room you wish. I’ve found that starting with the items I know that I will least need, works best. Consequently, I like to begin with wall hangings and decorations. If they’re fragile/breakable, don’t take chances. Cover glass in picture frames from corner to corner, diagonally, with masking tape. Cover the glass on any doors, also, from corner to corner, diagonally, with masking tape. Wrap all items that might become scratched, chipped, shattered or broken, carefully with plenty of newspaper. Use masking tape to fasten newspaper around the item. For extremely fragile items, use bunched-up pieces of newspaper for extra padding between each object you’re packing. Tape every carton securely all the way around the top and the bottom!

4. Identify Items Carefully:

After packing each carton, individually, use one of your magic markers to write in LARGE BLOCK LETTERS, the name of the room in which you want the carton placed. (i.e. “KITCHEN” or “BATHROOM” or “BEDROOM.”) Be sure to write the room identity for placement on all sides and on the top of each, sealed carton. If you have time to spare, you can always list in smaller letters, underneath the room location, the identity of the items contained therein. DON’T make the mistake of telling yourself that you’ll mark your cartons later. (You will thank yourself later!) Though you may think you will remember which carton contains which items, I speak from experience when I say that there’s not a much worse feeling than looking at a dozen or so cartons and suddenly realizing, much to your shock and amazement, that you cannot tell them apart!

5. Save Frozen or Refrigerated Foods for Last:

During the last couple of weeks before your big moving day, avoid doing any grocery shopping at all. If need be, eat out or bring home fast food temporarily. Have a cooler or two handy to pack any perishable foods you’ve not eaten and that you wish to take along to the new location. Use frozen dry ice to keep these food items cold, placed in and among the food containers.

Additional Valuable Tips:

  •  I’ve always had the best luck with placing all of my packed cartons into one area/room of the house. If I’m paying someone to move my things, I try to make this location as near the entrance that the movers will be using as possible (since most are paid by the hour.)
  • Spread plastic or old sheets on the floors where your movers will be going in and out of your home carrying cartons and furniture. (It’s amazing some of the mysterious, staining items that can enter your house on the bottoms of other’s work boots!)
  • Don’t pack and/or have your movers load your cleaning supplies (pail, rag, cleaning soap) broom, dust-pan or vacuum cleaner! You’ll need these last thing before you lock up the place you’re leaving!

P.S. Don’t move that which you don’t absolutely NEED! The entire time you’re packing, toss, toss, toss!

Take your time, get plenty of rest, and . . . best of luck to you on your new moving venture!

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